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Ha haaaaaaaaaaaa. We got another one in the can. Me and Cyclops got a special thing going on with this group. The kid Megatron ( ) had this to say about the album:

“The new album from the dynamic duo known as The Plexiglass Fountain has arrived. It will grab your attention from the word go and keep your attention for 18 phenomenal tracks. Cyclops x Tokyo have created something genius here and I hope you like it as much as I do.”

I decided to write up a little making of feature to let heads know what the mind state heads were in while cooking up this meal. So heeeeeeeeeere we go.

Once upon a time not long ago/ when people wore pyjamas and lived life slow/…………………..Just playing.

Going into this joint we had the heavy stacks mentality. The last album was mad hard to do because we were on such a mission to make it. This one was even worse cause so many people loved the last album a lot. I really don’t follow up projects cause i have such a nomad mentality ( The passport is HEAVY ) so it bleeds over into my music making. The sound i gave the last album was so unique to it ( ask the shark niggas/biters that studied the joint and tried to duplicate it ) that i had to continue it but also take a little bit of a detour to keep things fresh. The beats pretty much pick up where most of the last album left off ( there was a certain CHUNKY drum break that i used on both albums ) but I also took a more stripped down approach to certain tracks to get more RAW with it. Giving some tracks a straight out the milkcrates feel.

We also got more guests on this album. Mally and Cause ( whut up playa ) were so crazy on the last album we had to grab em up for this one. We also got our peoples from the Movement Fam ( Cee, Bekah and Notion ) to bless it too. We been rocking with them for a minute on some writing shit for their blog and i also been a fan of their music for a while so it was a no brainer to get them on this joint. Da Capo is THAT DUDE ( be on the lookout for our collabo ) and i am a huge fan of the stuff he did with K Def ( Real Live, LOTUG ). He really looked out for us. The last piece to the puzzle was keb0. He worked with me on “The 12 fingered Musician” EP and i was a fan of the homie so i wanted him on the album. He actually came through at the bottom of the 9th inning ( i don’t know what that means technically since i don’t fuck with baseball but i do know that means that niggas were in the clutch TIGHT ) he dropped one of my favorite verses on the album.

Cyclops DID THE DAMN THING on the album though. He just keeps getting better with time. Considering that he’s always been a beast on the mic it’s CRAZY that he keeps on elevating. Flow wise, Imagery wise and concept wise. I also got ILL a little something my damn self. Sharpened up my pen game and got better with my overall delivery. So we on that animal spit shit. We broke down some personal issues about life and got deep. The subjects are more varied so more people can relate to them. We were still doing the email thing back and forth with verses but we actually met in the flesh to take the pics for the album. ( shout out College Park MD )

We went in hard from the Intro ( shout out Guy Ritchie for making the dope ass movie i got the quotes from ) to the outro and laced something from the heart. I hope y’all feel it. We got the math set for the new album and project next year, plus Cyclops is lacing a solo album “When Inspiration Hits”, produced by me which we gonna drop in December. Stay tuned.



Cot damn. It’s a new day ( i see you Pharell ) Just came up with the crazy idea to actually go back to fucking with a blog.  Anyway…….So….here it is…… ( Crickets ) …….Well……I’m going to bed. see y’all tomorrow ( ish ).

Nah just playing ( y’all too serious, loosen up ) For real though. This blog is really just me documenting life and ranting on bout all the little quirks that combine together to make me ME. I ain’t a cardboard cut out thug, gangsta, backpacker, revolutionary or whatever the fuck is hot right now. I’m just a guy who grew up seeing a lot of crazy shit, making crazy music/art, meeting crazy ( damn near certifiable ) people and living a pretty interesting ( but odd ) life. I love music, comics, movies, sweet sugar pussy on dick day, good conversation, computer chess on a nice day, zoned out outta town trips and other shit.

So come on down and kick it with your boy.