Music, Writings and Art live from the twisted mind of Tokyo Cigar


Cot damn. It’s a new day ( i see you Pharell ) Just came up with the crazy idea to actually go back to fucking with a blog.  Anyway…….So….here it is…… ( Crickets ) …….Well……I’m going to bed. see y’all tomorrow ( ish ).

Nah just playing ( y’all too serious, loosen up ) For real though. This blog is really just me documenting life and ranting on bout all the little quirks that combine together to make me ME. I ain’t a cardboard cut out thug, gangsta, backpacker, revolutionary or whatever the fuck is hot right now. I’m just a guy who grew up seeing a lot of crazy shit, making crazy music/art, meeting crazy ( damn near certifiable ) people and living a pretty interesting ( but odd ) life. I love music, comics, movies, sweet sugar pussy on dick day, good conversation, computer chess on a nice day, zoned out outta town trips and other shit.

So come on down and kick it with your boy.

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