Music, Writings and Art live from the twisted mind of Tokyo Cigar

The Plexiglass Fountain “Left of the Scenery”

The genesis of the group. Peep the science lesson:

“The Plexiglass Fountain” is bound to raise a certain level of interest and confusion among listeners. What does it mean? Where did it come from? Much like the story behind the group, the name, “The Plexiglass Fountain” doesn’t have a reasoning behind it besides being a natural progression in creativity. Tokyo Cigar and Cyclops first began working together when Tokyo produced Cyclops’ single “Don’t Know How.” Because the single was met with such enthusiasm, the two artists recorded the song “Marsha Brady” with both of them rapping. Shortly thereafter, The Plexiglass Fountain was formed. Their first album “Left of the Scenery” was released on December 15th, 2009 and has received much praise from the Hip Hop community including being named the number one free album of 2009 at

Providing an extremely visual and detailed sound, The Plexiglass Fountain has been referred to as new, fresh and creative. Instead of dwelling on what Hip Hop is supposed to be and creating highly formulated music, the group strives to make their own legacy. Utilizing abstract production and lyricism, Tokyo Cigar approaches music making in a style highly reminiscent of stream of consciousness. On the opposite end, Cyclops provides very focused lyrics with tons of vivid imagery and well thought out rhyme schemes. When put together, the two achieve a sound with chemistry and cohesiveness. Not afraid to touch on any subject or experiment with any sound, The Plexiglass Fountain is a breath of fresh air to music lovers and will continue to break down boundaries in creativity.

The feedback was crazy

What are people saying about The Plexiglass Fountain?

  • “You know with Tokyo the beats are crazy and Tokyo & Cyclops rip it on the mic as well. Trust me, you’re gonna love this!” – Justin (
  • “Huge props to Tokyo Cigar & Cyclops this album is dope, filled with creativity and brings a new sound to hip hop.” –
  • “The Plexiglass Fountain makes great music and I suggest you check them out. Their sound is original and unique. You’ll notice the creativity right with the opening track.” –
  • “Very unique and refreshing for sure.” –
  • “The album is a little deeper than your average hip hop opus, so it takes some listens to “get it”, but that to me, isn’t a bad thing.” – Travis (Wake Your Daughter Up)
  • “This isn’t your regular album… The whole thing is visual.” – WG Meets

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