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What Hip Hop’s supposed to sound like 2

Song 2

“In my continental” by Atmosphere

Divinity. One of the words that defines it is “God like”. I know this may be seen as a bit of an extreme word to talk about a hip hop joint to some but it fits perfectly within the context of this song.

Slug. Love him or hate him, is one of the BEST lyricist to ever touch the mic. His brutal honesty trancends any barrier possible and he is truly somebody who speaks to the people. From “WND” to the whole “Lucy Ford” album to the new joints. His words seem to strip memories from your mind and project them over a breakbeat. On this joint the memories are’nt registering because your mind is wrapped around his flow and the way he contorts his delivery and pushes it to Eminem like propotions ( for em haters bump the “re -up” title track listen to how he KILLED that joint then shut the fuck up till you can do better )  Slug on this one joint speaks about hip hop in a way that has’nt been heard since Common dropped  ” i used to love h.e.r.” From the art of writing, touring, the message that it can spread, even the way undergound cats equate un understandable shit with niceness. Slug breaks down the parts of the machine that make it move. He does this while maintaining that sense of humour that always balances out the seriousness of what he said.  “if i gotta pick a position i’ma pick missionary” and   “i’ve had a little bit too much to think tonight” are some examples of it. All in all the rhymes stick out like the saxophone in the Night Court theme song. ( 90’s babies need not worry if they dont get the reference )

Now the beat. Ant really needs to be making beats for Ghostface cause damn this white boy got soul. Ant really knows how to update that boom bap shit without making it loose the grit and crunchiness. ( hell you can even hear the vinly crackling ) The loop was used before by Psyco les for the song “screwed up” by Screwball ( peace to Queens NY cats ) but Ant throws on the type of drums that used to bully other drums in high school over the loop and increases the neck snap quotient by 80. Minimalist but full at the same time this is the sort of beat that back in the days my click would have rhymed to for hours as it is chunky enough to get you hype while leaving enough room for heads to get open with the flow.

This joint speaks to rappers ( or any type of artist ) especially cause it makes you look at what you yourself are trying to contribute to the artform and even seriously question the intent behind pursuing a career in music. So for those who slept, the formula for divinity in this rap shit is mind elevating lyrics + sub level concrete production = Divintiy too funky for Church.

Catch the spirit children catch the spirit.


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