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Throwback album: TOKYO CIGAR presents “The Black Departure” Starring JAY-Z, JACK NICHOLSON AND LEONARDO DI CAPRIO

“The man Tokyo Cigar is back in the place with some new projects. First up on the plate is his very latest project, The Black Album remix project (is this to prepare us for the onslaught of Blueprint 3 projects?). I’m a recovering Black Album junkie, so lord knows I like a good Black Album remix project, and a few songs into it as I write this, it lives up to the promise. Yeah, it might be 6 years to late, but it’s kinda of so late that it’s on time, if that makes sense. I’ve always believed in being fashionably late anyways. Here is Tokyo Cigar dropping his two cents…..”

-Travis ( WYDU )


The idea behind this jumpoff is making a flick outta the Black album. I picked the movie “The Departed” to base it around cause THAT MOVIE WAS THE ILLEST JOINT EVER. Plus I figured the whole “Jay is departing from the rap game” thing kinda went hand in hand with the title conceptually. Apart from the music I did for the intro I stuck with samples for this project. Jay is one of those cats that can sound great over any type of sound but there’s just that unidentifiable something about him rhyming over samples that brings out something extra in his bars (Exhibit A: “The Blueprint” ).

I produced all the beats on the album within this past week, except for the beats for “Intro“, “Public service announcement”, “99 Problems”, “Lucifer” and “Dirt off your shoulder” which I made a while back and pulled out the oven for this joint. I made the cover in about a day and a half. I went with that funky movie type look cause to me this is not an album, it’s a movie. You can listen to it in bits and pieces but the whole point is to pop it in and experience the entire concept. So i went with visuals that i felt captured the essence of what both the movie AND the actual Black album were about.

Thanks for checking it out.

I hope you enjoy the feature presentation………………”THE BLACK DEPARTURE”

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