Music, Writings and Art live from the twisted mind of Tokyo Cigar

Cyclops “Sit back and laugh” Produced by Tokyo Cigar

The homie Cyclops just dropped the first single off the “When inspiration hits” album. I produced the entire project and i gotta tell you it’s a heater. Working with Cyclops is mad easy cause were already in a group so this album came together mad smooth. I gave him some crazy ILL production for it and the kid spazzed out as usual. He really came through with some crazy rhymes. Anybody who liked the Plexiglass Fountain albums will LOVE this album. Overall the album has an emotionally cinematic feel to it. Very visual music. “Sit back and laugh” is pretty much some epic jump out the gate, life manifesto type shit and the b side “Stone Cold” featuring the homie Notion ( whut up fam  ) is a gutter minimalist abrasive banger.

Cyclops took the pic for the cover, sent it to me and i added all the effects and flavor to it.


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