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Anti Creation” ( featuring Teddy Faley ) b/w “Halo in reverse”

Well, after excessive amounts of shit talking i finally put out something from the new album to get heads open real quick.

“Anti Creation” It’s basically a run through and BODY EVERYTHING IN SIGHT type joint. Lately life has been dealing the kid a lot of stress and i just took all my frustrations out on the mic. My man keb0 said i sounded like a crazy Pit bull that broke off it’s chain. The beat is some showdown at sundown era shit. Nothing but drama and tension personified musically. The homie Teddy ( who held the kid down with drinks at Ottobar last night YEAH!!!! ) blessed the joint with me on some Kill a MC shit.

The B side “Halo in reverse” is actually an old song i did for the “Kill the Violator” album. The song really never got old to me and i felt that more people needed to hear it. I re recorded the vocals for it and i added a movie clip at the end to let the darkness of the story shine through. It’s a song i stand by even though it’s HELLA TWISTED but i still remember my boy that said the song made him change his life so i hope more people can gain something from hearing it.

I designed the album cover on some horror flick mentality type shit. It’s my favorite cover that i ever did so i wanted to preview it before the album drops.