Music, Writings and Art live from the twisted mind of Tokyo Cigar


One day it dawned on me that there was gonna be 3 albums i produced in their entirety dropping within a 3 month span. So i decided to make it an event.

In 2010 being strictly an artist is a thing of the past. The Internet gave heads a way to get the music in peoples hands directly and while i don’t plan on being a businessman ( Dude, i’m an ARTIST not a fucking executive ) I have always seen the value in taking initiative and working hard to get the songs to people. While i was at Red Emma’s in Baltimore yesterday i bumped into this cat that i gave my music to a couple of months back and he said that when he goes through depression or post traumatic stress he listens to my music to get him through. He told me that i really should keep going hard with pushing my music and that really hit me in the heart so much it was wild.

The first album dropping will be “When Inspiration Hits” by Cyclops. You all know that thats my dude from my group The Plexiglass Fountain. We were named “The #1 Free album of 2009” on for our album “Left of the Scenery” ( 2009 was a damn good year cause i was also named #5 on the top 10 producers of ’09 list ) and we also dropped a follow up album earlier this year  “Midnight Hindsight” The Cyclops album is what i consider a Magnum Opus type project. Epic in scope and concepts. I gave him very cinematic sounding beats that played out like a novel at the same time ( you have to listen to it to fully understand ) He came with lyrics that explored the inner workings of this thing called life to a crazy degree. Topics like Teen pregnancy, growing old, drug addiction and death share album space with vicious battle rhymes and form a very intense listening experience. The album features Tokyo Cigar, Notion, Czarina,The Sekond Element, Nasty Nyne and Verbz. The single “Sit back and Laugh” b/w “Cold Blooded” featuring Notion is out now.

“CoExist” is the next album dropping and that is what i would call an emotional masterpiece. Like “When Inspiration Hits” this album deals with life on another level. Highly personal but extremely easy to relate to. keb0 truly exorcises his soul on this album. Tackling relationship issues, self reflection, insanity, appreciation and more in a way that is strikingly serious but also intelligently humorous. The soundscapes i provided for this album are more designed to put people in an emotional trance. This album also has probably the SCARIEST beat i have ever made in my life, which became the song “Deja Vu” i singled this track out because on top of this beat being so creepy i actually find it physically uncomfortable to listen to but impossible to stop playing, keb0 spits on of the most visually twisted tales i ever heard. When you hear it you’ll know what i mean. The album features Kaville, Tokyo Cigar, HL and Amplified. Peep the first single “Stray Dog”

The last album “codename: DEVASTATOR”  is what i refer to as “My version of the Chronic” I started off rhyming. I will always love the art of spitting flames but i am a producer at heart. I rhyme through out this album but i wanted to make it half solo half compilation. It features Cyclops, keb0, Nanigan, Teddy Faley, Nasty Nyne and Mally rhyming. Czarina, Mal Moe and Gray Click also pop on the album on the singing tip. Lyrically it is my most honest work ever. The sort of album that if you hear it and meet me you would say “okay he is exactly who he says he is” Topics range from how i feel about music, Growing up traveling, women, life, working hard as well as good old fashioned IGNORANT battle rhymes. Every Guest on the album played their part magnificently and really brought their A game to the project. Production wise it is very musical but brutal at the same time.  This is an album that i always wanted to make musically and i don’t hold anything back on it. Check out the first single “Alley cats” b/w “Cinema Life” featuring Czarina

To all the heads out there that wanna support Please consider posting up the banner or Pic on your site/blog etc to help spread the word.

Videos, Shows and special limited edition packages coming soon for all these projects.


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