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Felt ( Slug & Murs ) x Tokyo Cigar: Felt 3.0 ( A tribute to Nancy Sinatra )

Yeah this one came up outta nowhere. The homie Nick hit me off with the vocals from Felt 3 and i sat on them for a minute while i worked on the ‘CoExist” and “codename: DEVASTATOR” albums. This joint came together quick as hell. Before i realized what was going on it was pretty much done. I gotta admit i love this shit. Nancy Sinatra had a lot of incredible music. Using her samples gave this project a crazy feel. Some of this stuff comes off a perfect soundtrack for the winter but there are also joints here that would set the summer off too. The reaction to this has been CRAZY. Thats whats really good.

“We love how Murs and Slug always pay tribute to a special lady with their collaborative, and terribly slept-on FELT albums. Deejay/producer Tokyo Cigar jumped in, and paid tribute to FELT with Nancy Sinatra with a new mix. These are amazing, spooky productions from the voice known by fans of RZA, Quentin Tarantino and simply dope ’60s music. This is more than just a blend tape, these are really elegant productions that anybody can appreciate”

Felt, the duo of L.A. rapper Murs and Minneapolis MC Slug (one half of Atmosphere), has dedicated each of their excellent albums to a female celebrity—their first three records were named for Christina Ricci, Lisa Bonnet and Rosie Perez, respectively—though the title choice has no tangible bearing on the record’s sound. But over the holidays DJ Tokyo Cigar released the free mashup record Felt 3.0 (A tribute to Nancy Sinatra), which, you guessed it, consists of the album Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez remixed with samples from Nancy Sinatra songs, and somehow it’s kind of great.”

“I am a big fan of Slug (of Atmosphere) and pretty much everything he touches. It’s only natural then that I love Felt, the collaboration between Murs of Living Legends and Slug himself.

Tokyo Cigar recently took Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez and remixed it, adding numerous samples of Nancy Sinatra’s music. The result is a very intriguing and eerie remix album that oddly enough seems to perfectly suit Felt’s style.

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  1. If anyone speaks Polish…

    Greetings from Poland,

    Witalij | U Call That Love

    January 7, 2011 at 11:19 pm

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