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New Mixtape. “Operation: Remix the remix ( The Devastator prequel )”

Well here goes the new mixtape. Check it out yall. Got some crazy collabs and freestyle frenzy galore in store. Shout out to the homie Menace for hosting the joint. It was an honor to have him backing the project. He rocks with some of the biggest names in the game but he’s been a heavy supporter since he heard the “codname: DEVASTATOR” album. The line up for the tape is Me, Cyclops, Keb0, Zeynep, Nanigan, Cee, Notion, Had One, Kaotik, HL, Notoriety Music, Savant and 9 Millz.  As usual i handled all the production on the joint. I used some of my older beats from various remixes i did mixed with some new bangers i made. Out of the 28 tracks, 12 are sample based. The rest have original music with a few vocal clips sprinkled in here and there. ( stuff like L.O.V.E. is completely sample free though ) I was talking to my neighbour about music yesterday and i brought up the mixtape. he asked me how long i worked on it for and i realized that i started it around April. I made a concious effort to put out less music this year and i like the way having extra time to lace one project felt. But hey, it’s making music. ther nevr been a fucking rules to it. One of the biggest things i did was the Felt 3.0 remix and that came together over 3 days of smoked out meditations but hey it still felt nice to take it slow. I gotta thank all the heads that came thru on this.