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Tokyo Cigar & Jay-Z “AMERICAN GANGSTER The Graphic Novel” Free remix album and Comic book

Wow. Jay AGAIN. This is the third time i remixed a whole jay album ( this better be the charm ) I called the remix “The graphic novel” and Nanigan was like “How do you remix a graphic novel?” i was like “uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……i’mmmmmmmmm…doing a COMIC BOOK too…….yeahhhhhh” So i then started on the comic book ( fun as hell to do by the way ) I made the beats a while back for another project that fell through and when i started putting the vocals to the beats they LOCKED IN crazy. It was almost weird how well everything fit.

So anyway. Linkage is right here for the music:

aaaaaaaaaand the comic book:

Mediafire link:  ( RAR file )  ( ZIP file )

Sendspace link:


Enjoy. Oh yo if you enjoy it enought hit me with a donation. I’m stacking up money to start touring and pressing up physical cd’s and shirts aint exactly free. So any help to the cause would be appreciated. Thank you.

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