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Yep. It happened. The big IT. Razah, who i’ve been a fan of for mad YEARS. Ever since i heard him with Sunz of man. Got at me to work on a project with him. Yall know i was BUGGING. when i got that call from him. We worked on some music and the vibe was so funky it turned into an album. SPIRITUAL KUNG FU. Doing this album was a crazy experience cause i’m such a fan of Razah it was hard to really make anything i felt was worthy so i went though mad beat before i ended up with the ones that made the album. So far the people have been going APESHIT over the songs. Feeling real good about this.

Shout out to Razah for giving me that shot. We bout to hit the people with some heavy music for 2012 with that album.


NANIGAN “Been a long time coming”

New heat from the homie Nanigan. I known fam for YEARS and one thing i can say is that he’s a dude thats straight from the heart. When he feels something he keeps it a 100. He hit me about his feeling bout the Occupy movement and told me he wanted to lace a joint about it. I hooked up the beat and he KILLED it. Dropping some heavy gems along the way. Edutainment returns.

Plus here’s a dope pic of the homie with his TOKYO CIGAR t shirt.


The homie Cyclops just dropped the BANGING new mixtape “The Rap Scott Summers” ( inspired by a line i wrote on our song “Mine” off the first Plexiglass Fountain album )  We spazzed out and cooked up this joint. Him on the rhymes and me on the beats ( i rhyme on a couple of joints too ). This joint is like the companion piece to my “Operation: remix the remix” mixtape and is some heat that we put out to set up our next Plexiglass Fountain album ( which is INCREDIBLE i promise you )

Cyclops been always been the type of cat that shows growth with each project he drops. So even though i aint gotta say he stepped it up i’m gonna say it any damn way HE STEPPED IT UP. Delivery, flow, concepts everything is top notch on this joint.

Shout out to DJ Jay Skillz for hosting this joint.

Plus as a bonus. Here’s a mini doc that the homie was featured in talking about poetry. The song “exhaust” off the mixtape plays at the end.