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Tokyo Cigar thoughts: OLD BOY


“Wow”.  A simple three letter word.  One that attempts to sum up and communicate that which is usually beyond mere words.   Wonder, mystery, and awe inspiring moments are some of the things that word could describe. But what does one do when something blows your mind to the point that simply saying “wow” not only would not be enough to convey it but it almost disrespects  the level of wonder the said work of art inspired?

This movie is that work of art. My peoples have told me that I have NEVER stressed them to watch a movie as much as this one. Hindered by the fact I couldn’t really explain the full plot of the movie without giving away THE greatest cinematic “OH SHIT” moment ever. What I can tell you is this Korean revenge movie has some of the most incredible acting rubbing shoulders with some of the most imaginative and iconic directing I’ve ever seen. A man is locked in a room for 15 years and he has no idea why he’s in there and when he gets released he goes on a quest to find the person responsible. You get to see the hero go through so many different states of mind by the end of it you kinda feel like all your emotions are fighting and climbing over each other to claim your attention all at once at a break neck pace.  Plus the main chick in the movie is one of the hottest Asian chicks I seen in my life (but when I think of how she works into the plot it always gives me a slight uneasy feeling haha).  This movie has moments/shots that scream EPIC (The hallway fight is worth the price of admission alone), and it also boasts some life altering quotes sprinkled amongst the straight forward dialogue. This is far from a movie like “Snatch” which partially draws its strength from how witty everybody ( and i do mean EVERY fucking BODY ) in that movie is. The lines in this movie are more “to the point” style. The plot is so complex and nerve racking that fancy adornments may actually fuck it up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking porn movie level canned lines, it’s just that most of the lines are very, verrrrry simple when someone isn’t happening to be saying something that rock’s your subconscious out of the daze it’s in to contemplate how powerful the statement you just heard actually was.

Movie endings over time are bound to get repetitive (cue Nas’s “no ideas original”). Every movie we’ve seen is a variant on another story we’ve seen/heard/read about. Few films stand out for simply giving you a mind fucking at the end. It may be a revelation someone makes or a plot twist that has you shaking your head in disbelief (Kevin Spacey suddenly walking straight at the end of “The usual suspects” anyone?) I promise you NOTHING you have seen will prepare you for this one. Revenge gets broken down to it’s many faces in this movie, showing it’s different levels of intensity among the characters but the climax in this movie is simply the most INTENSE showing of revenge I have ever seen in my life. For someone to do that to someone else, that takes a very rare potent type of hatred.

This movie is not for everybody but it is so great everybody NEEDS to see it. If only for the minutes you find yourself frozen in your chair as the credits roll, totally bewildered trying to explain to yourself what you just saw. How often do movies do THAT for you nowadays?

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