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RESPECT. That’s what this is all about. Man, i been messing with Depeche Mode even when i was a kid and HATED music cause i was so into cartoons and comic books. Their songs just always had a way of haunting my thoughts even back then. But hey It’s Depeche Mode. If you say you don’t like em, either you aint heard the right songs or your just a fucking asshole.

I put this tribute together over the past week. 3 days making the beats ( actually one day making it and two days tweaking up what i made ) and 4 days writing and recording. I was knee deep in the mix of finishing the Plexiglass Fountain album but the idea of doing this just kept fucking with me so i took some time out to hook it up. Hell i was so into enhancing the music for the PGF album ( which is FUCKING INSANE now by the way ) that it was not gonna be released in March anyway so i had a week to spare.

Anyone that has been keeping up with my music for a while will know i did another Depeche Mode tribute project based on the Violator album around 2008 so this is kind of a sequel to that but way better. On top of lacing rhymes over the samples i decided to remix “Enjoy the silence”  and used 3 different records from “Black Celebration” to hook up my remix for it.

Well that’s that Enjoy the music. Peace and love.

Plus here’s the EPK via Youtube

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