Music, Writings and Art live from the twisted mind of Tokyo Cigar

The Plexiglass Fountain “Bloody Idiotz”


Well wereeeeeee back. I gotta say this album has been a headache to release. Through no fault of the homie Cyclops ( He BLACKED OUT more than ever on this album ) I just been holding on to it cause it just doesn’t seem like the right time. We got the EPK out where i was saying “March 2012 AD” which came and went. But one thing i noticed about his album is that the extra time given to it makes it better. Listening to it now it is for sure at it’s strongest level. Plus the extra time i took even after the music was done allowed me to step up the artwork design and make that as special as the music. I’m finally winding down in life after a HECTIC past few moths where i took up some new hustles as well as met some new artists i got stuff in the works for so i finally got time to go over what promo plan ideas i got with Cyclops so we can turn it in to our distributor. This joint is so crazy that i want to make sure everything is right for it to come out. Trust me when it comes out i promise heads are gonna roll out the red carpet to promote it cause i feel that people really should check this joint out. It will be out without a doubt within the next 2 months ( July is gonna be a HOT one ) In the meantime we leaked the song “Bloody Idiotz” off it. The title came thru from Cyclops who wanted us to have some tracks on the album where we go for the neck so we got this and a few others ( wait till yall hear “Kill Zone” ) The album is heavy conceptual and even though we are in the Ipod era we made something you can only truly appreciate by listening to it in it’s entirety. Maybe a tall order to ask of the “Instant everything” era but worth it.

Anyway. Check out the song.


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