Music, Writings and Art live from the twisted mind of Tokyo Cigar

The Regiment “That’s Hip Hop”

Detroit & MD connection = LIVE MUSIC. These cats KILLED this damn beat. One of my favorite joints i ever did. Off the new J Love hosted “On the Verge” mixtape. I knew that beat was crazy when i made it. A beat i make is just another beat to me cause i make so many and its usually when i hear the vocals on top that it really comes to life for me but there are always those one where i’m like WHOA. I loved the beat already but when i heard what THEY did over it i was blown away. They brought it to life only to kill it brutally. Everyone i played it for was going apeshit like “yo they went in like SWAT”.  Salute to the Regiment all day ( DJ Premier shouted them out crazy for a reason yall. Check out the album “The Panic Button” as well to see why )

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