Music, Writings and Art live from the twisted mind of Tokyo Cigar

Keb0 “Drifting” video

Yo the homie keb0 came thru with the STOOOOPID ILL video for the song “Drifting”. This is a song off the new EP were working on ( which by far is our BEST collab ever ) When i made this beat i felt it was mad dope already but it wasnt my favorite beat from the EP ( wait till you hear the rest of the joints i gave him ) but when homie blazed the rhyme and hook over it i was floored. No…………………….i mean FLOORED. He killed it so much it became one of our favorites after that. Seeing the video for the first time really hit me like wow cause it came together with the vibe of the song so flawlessly and it makes me like the song even more. Shout out to the director Sam Mirpoorian for doing the damn thing.

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