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This is officially the heaviest jumpoff i had in music to date. J-Love is my favorite mixtape DJ of all time. I lost count of all the fantastic unreleased gems i heard fucking with his mixtapes. So many uncleared joints by Ghost, Nas, Meth, Mobb etc that i never would have been able to hear if it wasn’t for J-love are flying around in my head right now. The other thing that really stuck out about his tapes were the demos he would throw on. I never even knew stuff like the original version of “Wu tang 7th chamber” existed till i grabbed the Method Man J-Love tape.  It got to the point that whenever i would see a J-Love joint i would cop it without even looking at the damn tracklist. He delivered so many bangers from the best era cats that it was always a no brainer to get it.

Peep the pic if you think i’m just saying this shit to say it

Needless to say to be on this mixtape is an HONOR. Not to get on some mystical type shit but the fact J-Love is from Queens is also fitting cause the first time i heard hip hop in my life was Run-Dmc so thats a dope connection right there.

Major shout out to M-Credible for putting me on to this. Hearing J-Love shout me out on the production tip is the type of shit i’m gonna tell my grand kids about. I produced 6 tracks ( the intro, all the interludes, “Thats Hip hop” By The Regiment & “The book of 7 fists” by Heavenly Cartel ) and hearing the final mix of everything with the shout outs ranks up there with getting the best piece of nookie i ever had. CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY. Apart from the fact i’m on it the tape is ILL as well. A lot of gutter cats on this joint throwing titanium darts on it. Plus got some production bangers by the homies M-crdible, Nick wiz ( i still got cella dwellas on bump ), Confidence, Purpose from Tragic Allies ( these dudes are the TRUTH ) and others as well. 100% banging Hip hop no contaminents.

Download the mixtape here

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