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The Plexiglass Fountain – “The It” Music Video & Single


Alright folks. Here it is. The first single from the “Concrete Mythology ( The Year of the Dragon )” album. This is also our first video. I know right? We finally do our FIRST video on our 3rd album. CRAZY!!! The response has been great though. Check out what THE HIP HOP DEPENDENCY had to say about it

“This is the first single off of The Plexiglass Fountain’s forthcoming album, Concrete Mythology (The Year Of The Dragon).  Musically this track is exceptional.  If you listen carefully you can hear so many different components ofTokyo Cigar’s production.  It’s really dope to hear someone craft a hip hop beat like this.  Lyrically, it’s coming from the heart.  They’re not dropping crazy punchlines…they’re dropping sincerity.”