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Woke up today, looked at my phone and saw that i got a crazy treat from the big homie KING RA outta Jersey. He sent me a message about “THE LAST DRAGON” EP and i jumped online to grab it. Maaaaaaaaaaaaan. I’ve been bumping this joint non stop. When we started working on the album we had a dope concept. To base the EP around the movie THE LAST DRAGON ( shout out to Bruce Leroy ). I hooked up the beats and movie quotes and he went bezerk on the pen. We both are very busy cats so a lot of time passed by after we initially started working on the EP. Hearing it all finished with the verses, cuts, and features just blew my mind away. R would hit me up to build about the songs so he gave me a very clear idea of what he was gonna do on the beats, but COT DAAAAMN. Hearing everything together was amazing. Shout out to Rhymeageddon, Kenny Bronson, Chinch ( with the ILL cuts ), Kitana Blade and WYME for rocking out with RA on this EP.

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