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Tokyo Cigar & The Lost tapes presents “Prodigy VS The Prodigy” REMIX EP


I cant believe nobody had done this before. I had the idea bumping in my head for a while now but was too distracted to sit down and really do it. I found myself running round doing A MILLION things at once and was getting stressed the F out a bit.  Seeing how music always = ZEN for me i said FUCK EVERYTHING and sat for 3 days putting this together. Prodigy was always one of my favorite MC’s ( i still consider his verse on “Apostles warning” one of the best displays of the art of rhyming EVER!!!!! ), with imagery, delivery and general aura through the ceiling. A unholy mix of gutter scumbag etiquette filtered through a mind more gifted poetically than many people realize. The Prodigy was introduced to me via MTV back in London. I was buggin out on the dance moves they had on the video for “Outta space” ( man dude looked like he was doing some fly kung-fu shit with his feet at the 1:29 mark. CLASSIC ) as well as the insane video they had for “Smack my bitch up”. This EP came out grimy like a brothel bathroom in the swamp. So far people have really spazzed out to it. The homie Cyclops said “Lime Bacardi” makes him want to rob someone ( best compliment EVER haha ).  I stepped to the homie Claaa7 from THE LOST TAPES to present the EP with me and he was down. He told me when he was a kid he was a big fan of The Prodigy so everything worked out on some fly divine shit.