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“Constant” Featuring Substantial and Tanya Denise


“Here we go yo, here we go yo” *Tribe & L.O.N.S. voices

Something to relax and vibe out to. A divine collaboration that cools out your summer and heats up your winter. Supreme thanks to Substantial and Tanya Denise who not only represented with excellent vocals but also for the visuals as well. Shout out to Garrett Lynam for filming Tanya’s parts out in Dublin. When i saw the footage it made me feel nostalgic, flashing back to my school days out there in Ireland. The response from anyone who heard the song has been overwhelming. Lay up and zone out to this one y’all. Peace

TINA TONER “THE APPLE” EP available now

01 What can i say about Tina? Cool chick, real cool chick, one of the coolest i ever met in terms of how radiant her personality is and how focused she is with her creativity. The day i saw her rock a wolverine shirt and she broke down how it was the original wolverine color scheme from the classic comics i was SOLD. Working with her was interesting cause not only was she able to go over beats that i had made but she played guitar and piano on 2 of the songs and i added instruments to it and we came up with some really dope stuff. The studio sessions were insane fun and hanging out with her was always epic conversation wise.

Musically this EP holds a dear place in my heart cause its the first project i ever finished with a singer and represents me branching off in another direction but still loving the art and craft of making music that is different from my normal repertoire.


Tina Toner “The Apple” EP

press kit

Gravity Academy Records

My associates and I would like to inform you about the new movement.

Gravity Academy

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“Inhale Deep” music video

Laced up some visuals for “Inhale Deep” from THE OTHER SIDE OF ILL mixtape. Concocted it over 2 days of running around different spots.

The song is one of my favorites. The lyrics were the type that made me realize how crazy life has been. Everything in that song came from memories and thoughts i think about in the dark.

The Primo beat still gives me nightmares till this day. Nas crucified the original ( of course ) so i knew i had to keep it real on this joint and put my unfiltered life on the page.


“Looking From within: 5 film narratives”

Denee reached out to me to get involved in this film project. We put together a nice piece of work with this. She had directed 3 of the films and I got my director on Nolan style for 1 of the films then we collaborated on the last one. I then went and got my maestro on with the music. We all fed off each other and everyone involved brought they A-game. Things went very smoothly with the shooting and post production. We spoke about the ideas we had and how to incorporate all the parts into one unified work.  The premiere was great too. People were clapping opera style and i heard the talk though the night was extra heavily positive. Still weird to see myself on the big screen though haha. Much love to Denee for getting me involved with this. It was a great experience all around.



Big L vs Kenny Loggins “Danger Zone”

Hooked up a remix real quick.