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“SPECIAL DELIVERY” Short film is now up on youtube

Wow. where to begin. I always liked film music so needless to say it was a great experience to add my music to a movie. The process was interesting to partake in. While watching the cast and crew putting together the visuals i came up with musical ideas. Seeing the rough edits play out also helped with getting the right sounds together. Nancy and Craig also added a great piano piece for the film that worked great with the turnaround scenes.

Two days. Little to no sleep and a lot of dedication and discipline led to this movie being made and another chapter of my musical life being opened. Looking forward to doing more of this in the immediate future.

Peace to the entire team Savage Dog. We all linked up and made something really good in a short amount of time.

Baltimore 48 hour film project premiere at the Charles Street theather. June 25th 2013

Represented for TEAM SAVAGE DOG and our short film “Special Delivery” last night at the 48 hour Film project premiere. It was surreal to see our film on the big screen and then pose for pictures outside on some hollyhood shit. Saw a lot of great movies from up and coming film makers. I got a lot of compliments about the music i did for it so that really made my day.Image

Photo by: Denee Barr


Some of my music got used in a short flim. YEAHHHHHHHH BOYYYYYYY


Last weekend i took part in the Baltimore 48 hour film project. Linked up with some people and we made short film in 2 days. Learned a lot from the process. It’s dope to see how all the little intricacies of film making come together. Off top i signed up to do the damn music haha. It was almost surreal to see a movie being put to my stuff. The reaction was mad positive so i guess i can chalk this one up as being another positive experience.

Check out the trailer

Special Delivery – Trailer from Dave Troy on Vimeo.

New Dice Academy T-Shirts


The Plexiglass Fountain “Concrete Mythology ( The Year Of The Dragon )” album

I could go on and on but i’ll let the music speak for itself

Much love to everyone that came thru for us on this album. Much love to keb0, The Cause, Czarina, Cee, Kyle Hubbard, DJ Po’ Safe beatz aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the incomparable Donny Goines.

Peep part of the review we got for the album

Concrete Mythology is all about giving the hip hop listener something different.  It’s about switching the the contemporary for something a little bit more avante garde.  It’s taking the industry standards and changing the expectations. There as so many so many different nuances to this album, that you will pick up on something new with each listen. So give this album a chance and see how this duo and their guests put a little polish on this hip hop gem.”

The Hip hop Dependency

Tokyo Cigar is a BRAND

Official Logo

Peace and love. As yall can see I finally got hooked up with an official logo.

Peep this piece too.

All of em come with T shirts. Now wheres are those T shirts?……………………………….ummmmmmm………………oh yeah right here