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Tokyo Cigar The Firefly Mixtape

The Firefly Mixtape

A collection of joints i have done over the years. I complied all these songs as a retrospective leading up to my compilation album. Various tracks, remixes etc combined like the Voltron Lions for your listening pleasure.

Fun facts about the mixtape:

1. This joint makes me MISS the homie Troublefield crazy cause hearing how talented he was is still mind blowing. He hit me like a mix of Jadakiss and 50 cent but on some Bronx shit. Rest in power.

2. ASN killed his joint with so much raw emotion that i had to throw the fresh prince intro to balance it out.

3. The homie Michael Morstein is gonna FLIP when he sees I put Revolutionary scarface style out on here. I played the album for him a while ago and he went nuts and he always used to bring up that song like “Yo you need to drop that joint”

4. The Felt remix album was arguable the MOST BLASTED i have ever been while making a project. 3 days to make it and i was mega roasted for all them days. Funny thing is fam that was at Rhymesayers told me that people were hitting them up trying to buy physical copies of the Felt 3.0 remix album i did with the Nancy Sinatra samples and they had to tell em “we didn’t put that joint out. You have to contact Tokyo Cigar directly to get”

5. The homie Tone Blunt gets more refined yet more raw as time goes by. That nigga embodies Brooklyn on some overlord shit. The money Green Boyz joint was so rowdy i was scared the song would get mad parties shot up cause of how buckwild it was when he rhymed on it.

6. I was HELLA SCARED to remix Enjoy The Silence. That song is one of my security blankets when life gets crazy. Easily one of the best songs ever made. Maybe even THE best song ever recorded in my humble opinion. The only way i could remix it was by using other Depeche Mode songs. I used about 3 different Depeche songs to remix it.

7. When Kebo called and told me he played the song for Slug and he dug it I was like WOW. When he hit me that Slug got it posted on the Atmosphere Twitter I spazzed out for days.

8. The WU2 ( Wu tang clan vs U2 ) remix project was dedicated to my boarding school days in Ireland cause U2 repped Ireland crazy and while living there was where i heard 36 chambers for the first time.

9. When Tina came through rocking a Wolverine shirt and doing cartwheels in the backyard i was like “this is a LIVE chick” haha

10. A friend of mine knew Tribe of Judah for like 12 years before Hell Razah introduced me to them.

11. Dangerzone is one of the most LOVED and yet HATED remixes i ever did. Straight up. I had to put the Archer clips cause when they were playing the ad it would have that song and it just got stuck in my head so the idea popped up and i flipped it real quick.

12. Rasheed Chappell showed me love EARLY. People would hit me up and i would ask where they heard about me and they would always say “Rasheed Chappell was talking about you”

13. Rast RFC was supposed to rhyme on the Psycho beat for my compilation but he loved the song so much that when we spoke he asked me if he could keep it and then do another song for the compilation. Me being a HEAVY fan of his i was like “HELL YEAH. The song he ended up doing for the compilation is CRAZY EPIC OH MY GOD HE KILLED IT. Wait till yall hear it.
Side note: the version of Psycho on this mixtape is the demo mix. Go to Rast soundcloud page for the official final mix.

14. Getting on a J-Love mixtape and hearing him shout me out will forever be one of my favorite memories ever. Up there with playing beats for Wanya Morris and him wilding out and also the time I went to Chung King to record. The fact I got on a J-Love tape with The Regiment made it extra dope. Side note: The song i sampled for that was by The RZA on the Afro Samurai soundtrack.

FIREFLY mixtape cover

TINA TONER “THE APPLE” EP available now

01 What can i say about Tina? Cool chick, real cool chick, one of the coolest i ever met in terms of how radiant her personality is and how focused she is with her creativity. The day i saw her rock a wolverine shirt and she broke down how it was the original wolverine color scheme from the classic comics i was SOLD. Working with her was interesting cause not only was she able to go over beats that i had made but she played guitar and piano on 2 of the songs and i added instruments to it and we came up with some really dope stuff. The studio sessions were insane fun and hanging out with her was always epic conversation wise.

Musically this EP holds a dear place in my heart cause its the first project i ever finished with a singer and represents me branching off in another direction but still loving the art and craft of making music that is different from my normal repertoire.


Tokyo Cigar “The Other side of ILL” Illmatic tribute mixtape


For the 20th anniversary of Illmatic i decided to highlight Nas as well as the producers that made the album the masterpiece that it was. I gathered up different beats from Primo, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Q-Tip and L.E.S. and went bezerk real quick. I do so much production that i forgot how much fun it is to just catch wreck over a classic beat you grew up on. I sequenced their beats to match the tracklist on Illmatic and i also got Tone Blunt to fill in the Brooklyn guest spot role.
I also used lines from Illmatic to title the freestyle.

The second part of the tape is me remixing Illmatic era Nas. It was dope to zone out to the vocals and really appreciate how incredible he is as a lyricist.

This took about a week to hook up and i gotta say it was mad fun to put this together because it brought the fan out of me. I was in the middle of finishing up the project when the homie Slew hit me up and we started to build about why Nas is so dope and he was dropping so many fly stories i decide to tape it and put it throughout the second act.

Salute to Nas, AZ, Olu Dara, Primo, Pete, Extra P, L.E.S. and Tip for what they did. That album raised a whole generation of MC’s to sit down and really think before they put pen to paper and by extension birthed other classics in that already exceptional era.


THE BENCHES “RUNNING” maxi single ( produced by Tokyo Cigar )





RESPECT. That’s what this is all about. Man, i been messing with Depeche Mode even when i was a kid and HATED music cause i was so into cartoons and comic books. Their songs just always had a way of haunting my thoughts even back then. But hey It’s Depeche Mode. If you say you don’t like em, either you aint heard the right songs or your just a fucking asshole.

I put this tribute together over the past week. 3 days making the beats ( actually one day making it and two days tweaking up what i made ) and 4 days writing and recording. I was knee deep in the mix of finishing the Plexiglass Fountain album but the idea of doing this just kept fucking with me so i took some time out to hook it up. Hell i was so into enhancing the music for the PGF album ( which is FUCKING INSANE now by the way ) that it was not gonna be released in March anyway so i had a week to spare.

Anyone that has been keeping up with my music for a while will know i did another Depeche Mode tribute project based on the Violator album around 2008 so this is kind of a sequel to that but way better. On top of lacing rhymes over the samples i decided to remix “Enjoy the silence”  and used 3 different records from “Black Celebration” to hook up my remix for it.

Well that’s that Enjoy the music. Peace and love.

Plus here’s the EPK via Youtube

New Mixtape. “Operation: Remix the remix ( The Devastator prequel )”

Well here goes the new mixtape. Check it out yall. Got some crazy collabs and freestyle frenzy galore in store. Shout out to the homie Menace for hosting the joint. It was an honor to have him backing the project. He rocks with some of the biggest names in the game but he’s been a heavy supporter since he heard the “codname: DEVASTATOR” album. The line up for the tape is Me, Cyclops, Keb0, Zeynep, Nanigan, Cee, Notion, Had One, Kaotik, HL, Notoriety Music, Savant and 9 Millz.  As usual i handled all the production on the joint. I used some of my older beats from various remixes i did mixed with some new bangers i made. Out of the 28 tracks, 12 are sample based. The rest have original music with a few vocal clips sprinkled in here and there. ( stuff like L.O.V.E. is completely sample free though ) I was talking to my neighbour about music yesterday and i brought up the mixtape. he asked me how long i worked on it for and i realized that i started it around April. I made a concious effort to put out less music this year and i like the way having extra time to lace one project felt. But hey, it’s making music. ther nevr been a fucking rules to it. One of the biggest things i did was the Felt 3.0 remix and that came together over 3 days of smoked out meditations but hey it still felt nice to take it slow. I gotta thank all the heads that came thru on this.


Tokyo Cigar “Broken Wings” video

Peace and love. Well, here it is. My first video ever. I been studying directing by myself for a couple of months now and this is the result. Breaking down how videos are made is mad interesting ( yeah i used to be the kid that took apart the VCR to figure out how it works ) and doing this was more fun than i expected ( it was also VERY FUCKING HARD but oh well )  Storyboarding that shit helped a lot. But there were also those random moments where i was like “Yo this shit would be dope to film for the video”. Mad props to my big sis for holding me down on the camera she  added her own fly touches here and there to it and really surprised me with how natural she was at filming.

Check it out yall.