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Tokyo Cigar The Firefly Mixtape

The Firefly Mixtape

A collection of joints i have done over the years. I complied all these songs as a retrospective leading up to my compilation album. Various tracks, remixes etc combined like the Voltron Lions for your listening pleasure.

Fun facts about the mixtape:

1. This joint makes me MISS the homie Troublefield crazy cause hearing how talented he was is still mind blowing. He hit me like a mix of Jadakiss and 50 cent but on some Bronx shit. Rest in power.

2. ASN killed his joint with so much raw emotion that i had to throw the fresh prince intro to balance it out.

3. The homie Michael Morstein is gonna FLIP when he sees I put Revolutionary scarface style out on here. I played the album for him a while ago and he went nuts and he always used to bring up that song like “Yo you need to drop that joint”

4. The Felt remix album was arguable the MOST BLASTED i have ever been while making a project. 3 days to make it and i was mega roasted for all them days. Funny thing is fam that was at Rhymesayers told me that people were hitting them up trying to buy physical copies of the Felt 3.0 remix album i did with the Nancy Sinatra samples and they had to tell em “we didn’t put that joint out. You have to contact Tokyo Cigar directly to get”

5. The homie Tone Blunt gets more refined yet more raw as time goes by. That nigga embodies Brooklyn on some overlord shit. The money Green Boyz joint was so rowdy i was scared the song would get mad parties shot up cause of how buckwild it was when he rhymed on it.

6. I was HELLA SCARED to remix Enjoy The Silence. That song is one of my security blankets when life gets crazy. Easily one of the best songs ever made. Maybe even THE best song ever recorded in my humble opinion. The only way i could remix it was by using other Depeche Mode songs. I used about 3 different Depeche songs to remix it.

7. When Kebo called and told me he played the song for Slug and he dug it I was like WOW. When he hit me that Slug got it posted on the Atmosphere Twitter I spazzed out for days.

8. The WU2 ( Wu tang clan vs U2 ) remix project was dedicated to my boarding school days in Ireland cause U2 repped Ireland crazy and while living there was where i heard 36 chambers for the first time.

9. When Tina came through rocking a Wolverine shirt and doing cartwheels in the backyard i was like “this is a LIVE chick” haha

10. A friend of mine knew Tribe of Judah for like 12 years before Hell Razah introduced me to them.

11. Dangerzone is one of the most LOVED and yet HATED remixes i ever did. Straight up. I had to put the Archer clips cause when they were playing the ad it would have that song and it just got stuck in my head so the idea popped up and i flipped it real quick.

12. Rasheed Chappell showed me love EARLY. People would hit me up and i would ask where they heard about me and they would always say “Rasheed Chappell was talking about you”

13. Rast RFC was supposed to rhyme on the Psycho beat for my compilation but he loved the song so much that when we spoke he asked me if he could keep it and then do another song for the compilation. Me being a HEAVY fan of his i was like “HELL YEAH. The song he ended up doing for the compilation is CRAZY EPIC OH MY GOD HE KILLED IT. Wait till yall hear it.
Side note: the version of Psycho on this mixtape is the demo mix. Go to Rast soundcloud page for the official final mix.

14. Getting on a J-Love mixtape and hearing him shout me out will forever be one of my favorite memories ever. Up there with playing beats for Wanya Morris and him wilding out and also the time I went to Chung King to record. The fact I got on a J-Love tape with The Regiment made it extra dope. Side note: The song i sampled for that was by The RZA on the Afro Samurai soundtrack.

FIREFLY mixtape cover

TINA TONER “THE APPLE” EP available now

01 What can i say about Tina? Cool chick, real cool chick, one of the coolest i ever met in terms of how radiant her personality is and how focused she is with her creativity. The day i saw her rock a wolverine shirt and she broke down how it was the original wolverine color scheme from the classic comics i was SOLD. Working with her was interesting cause not only was she able to go over beats that i had made but she played guitar and piano on 2 of the songs and i added instruments to it and we came up with some really dope stuff. The studio sessions were insane fun and hanging out with her was always epic conversation wise.

Musically this EP holds a dear place in my heart cause its the first project i ever finished with a singer and represents me branching off in another direction but still loving the art and craft of making music that is different from my normal repertoire.


nanigan nickleby “Dead letters in exile”


One day back in ’01 i headed over to the radio station in The University of Maryland to give a copy of my CD to PMD ( who eventually became Peter Rosenberg…..small world huh ) in the hopes of getting it played on the late night show. While there i struck up a convo with this scruffy white kid who knew a lot about hip hop and kept on telling me about this group called Atmosphere. He bought a CD ( which he still has ) and told me he was gonna play a song off it on the radio. It turns out he was interning with Rosenberg and had a couple of nights on the show to himself. Well………….he played the song and invited me back to the show to freestyle ( he still has the tape ) We got very cool and started hanging out a lot, running thru the university, chilling with his crazy college roommates, getting blasted and recording mad songs at G.C.’s lab ( he still has the tapes )  Fam eventually moved south but we stayed in touch and hung out when ever we could ( man i got the memory of blacking out after bar hopping to prove it ) and all that led to this……………the creation of his first ever album. Pretty neat huh.

I’ve worked with a lot of people and i say this is one of those albums that was the most interesting in retrospect. You know how artist always say their first albums “took my entire life up until that point to make” well this was a case of me actually watching parts of the life that ended up on the album take place. nanigan has always been a pull no punches dude ( actually he’s more the throw punches than pull em type haha ) but he also has a good heart and really cares for people even at the expense of himself. He is thoughtful enough to sit for days just to write a few bars but he can also be a cocky bastard that flies off the handle and all that comes splashed across this album in magnificent technicolor for all you crumbs. I watched some of these songs evolve from phone conversations, to song concepts to the actual songs, down the line everything stayed consistent. “2 story condo” went from Bell Atlantic hosted therapy sessions venting about a certain female ( who i met ) to one of my favorite moments on the album. “Mic brawl round two” was born from a studio session many moons ago for a project i was working on and grew into a sequel with the same exact cast of characters. Everything on this album is rooted in reality. I actually met the dude that told nanigan to “keep it Spicoli” and went through one of the nights that inspired “Land of the lotus eaters” and “Put away those fiery biscuits” ( i refer you to the blackout i mentioned earlier )  Countless stories he told me about adolescent hi jinks in Frederick growing up with Ciddida ( who is on the album ) morphed into “Ghosts and goblins” etc. If the great Brad Jordan hadn’t already appropriated the title “The diary” this album could have been a fitting home for it. The album is also extra dope for technical proficiency with rhyming. He is a supreme syllable counter. His patterns of flowing is surgical to say the very least. It was fly to hear this album come together in the aspect of looking to see how he was gonna tackle songs flow wise. It’s been wild to see him evolve stylistically from “the attic sessions” ( he still has the tapes ) to now and he is still growing cause even from demo stage to final stage he would take things further.

I kept the music fly but somewhat understated to let his words soak in. Some of it gets heavy though to reflect the intensity of emotions he puts into the rhymes. I told him i’ve been producing this album since heads been riding around in his Honda that had that damn rawkus sticker on it bumping God loves ugly. Some of it reflects nights navigating around vomiting college kids expelling excess liquor in florescent light kissed streets along Knox road, others reflect the clear field drenched country side roads that blanket myrtle beach. I wanted to evoke feelings of riding shotgun at 4 in the morning on a dutch master and munchies run and also laying in bed staring at ceiling fans like Andre 3000 in “elevators”.

Over the years i have made a lot of music with my crew and nanigan still has those tapes. Now, he has his own tape……………and that is very fucking cool. Salute fam.

“SPECIAL DELIVERY” Short film is now up on youtube

Wow. where to begin. I always liked film music so needless to say it was a great experience to add my music to a movie. The process was interesting to partake in. While watching the cast and crew putting together the visuals i came up with musical ideas. Seeing the rough edits play out also helped with getting the right sounds together. Nancy and Craig also added a great piano piece for the film that worked great with the turnaround scenes.

Two days. Little to no sleep and a lot of dedication and discipline led to this movie being made and another chapter of my musical life being opened. Looking forward to doing more of this in the immediate future.

Peace to the entire team Savage Dog. We all linked up and made something really good in a short amount of time.

Baltimore 48 hour film project premiere at the Charles Street theather. June 25th 2013

Represented for TEAM SAVAGE DOG and our short film “Special Delivery” last night at the 48 hour Film project premiere. It was surreal to see our film on the big screen and then pose for pictures outside on some hollyhood shit. Saw a lot of great movies from up and coming film makers. I got a lot of compliments about the music i did for it so that really made my day.Image

Photo by: Denee Barr


Some of my music got used in a short flim. YEAHHHHHHHH BOYYYYYYY


Last weekend i took part in the Baltimore 48 hour film project. Linked up with some people and we made short film in 2 days. Learned a lot from the process. It’s dope to see how all the little intricacies of film making come together. Off top i signed up to do the damn music haha. It was almost surreal to see a movie being put to my stuff. The reaction was mad positive so i guess i can chalk this one up as being another positive experience.

Check out the trailer

Special Delivery – Trailer from Dave Troy on Vimeo.



Woke up today, looked at my phone and saw that i got a crazy treat from the big homie KING RA outta Jersey. He sent me a message about “THE LAST DRAGON” EP and i jumped online to grab it. Maaaaaaaaaaaaan. I’ve been bumping this joint non stop. When we started working on the album we had a dope concept. To base the EP around the movie THE LAST DRAGON ( shout out to Bruce Leroy ). I hooked up the beats and movie quotes and he went bezerk on the pen. We both are very busy cats so a lot of time passed by after we initially started working on the EP. Hearing it all finished with the verses, cuts, and features just blew my mind away. R would hit me up to build about the songs so he gave me a very clear idea of what he was gonna do on the beats, but COT DAAAAMN. Hearing everything together was amazing. Shout out to Rhymeageddon, Kenny Bronson, Chinch ( with the ILL cuts ), Kitana Blade and WYME for rocking out with RA on this EP.