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Keb0 & Tokyo Cigar “Live on Cloud 9” EP


Keb0 and i have come full circle. EP to album to EP again. In between we made a lot of dope joints. I put a lot of emotion into my beats and when i find an MC that can match the emotional content neck and neck is always the biggest blessing. This EP came together seamlessly as all our collaborations do but this one took some extra time and grew a lot as a result of the extra time put into it. Scope out the breakdown.

1. Reverse Oragami – This is personal introspection mixed with a “walking past a swamp barefoot” type murky soul beat. Kebo jumps out the helicopter with the flow off the break. Its almost like the space at the start is the only chance you have to cath your beath cause once the onslaught starts it doesnt stop till the end. This is the start of the movie and introduces the lead characther in a funky way.

2. Drifting – This beat makes me wanna slide across the hood of a car “Dukes of hazzard” style. When keb0 sent me the vocals i was like WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?????? The smoothness yet ruggedness of Keb0’s delivery really struck me about this track. They lyrics were poignant as always. Painting a scene of his stomping grounds in such a way that i tend to listen to this joint with my eyes closed just to visualize it.

3. Middle fingerz up – This is one of those joints that makes you feel invincible. Arrogant in confidence levels and overdosing on adrenaline. I went for a triumphant layered beat with a lot of texture in it. I barely jog but if i jogged a lot i think this would be in the playlist cause something about it just screams “go the extra mile” even if your tired. The delivery on this was waterworld. Keb0 really expanded his tones and flows on the EP and this song is one of the strongest examples of that.

4. Live on cloud 9 – This is what i would consider a hip hop version of “Eye of the tiger” if the rapper was a pimp. The beat screams EPIC but the verses whisper LIFE. Life in all it’s glory and misery. Compacted and spit out in the form of a song that makes you wanna snuff someone then turn around and hug your mom’s two seconds later. Build ups and instrumental breakdowns mirrior the build ups and breakdowns of the narrator. Life in techicolor with some static thrown in for good measure.

5. Late at night – This is the anthisesis of the extreme emtional highs the EP has. Keb0 sent me 2 versions of this joint. The first one was very fitting for the beat already but the second version damn near made me tear up. This song is the manifestation of every bad day you had. I dont mean getting your car towed type bad. I mean total devastation borderline suicidal type bad day. The loop is based on some strings i played while going through a particularly rough time in my life and when i sent it to keb0 he honed in on the misery of the beat and created rhymes that took the beat by the hand fucked it hard in an abandoned building then took it to Vegas to marry it. if this EP is a movie the movie ends like something like “Gone baby gone” Where you find yourself comatose at the end of the movie cause you are stunned at the sad ending and find yourself wondering how the characters journey would ultimately end.

Salute to Keb0 for the next chapter in the saga.

Check out the post we got on 2dopeboyz.


This is officially the heaviest jumpoff i had in music to date. J-Love is my favorite mixtape DJ of all time. I lost count of all the fantastic unreleased gems i heard fucking with his mixtapes. So many uncleared joints by Ghost, Nas, Meth, Mobb etc that i never would have been able to hear if it wasn’t for J-love are flying around in my head right now. The other thing that really stuck out about his tapes were the demos he would throw on. I never even knew stuff like the original version of “Wu tang 7th chamber” existed till i grabbed the Method Man J-Love tape.  It got to the point that whenever i would see a J-Love joint i would cop it without even looking at the damn tracklist. He delivered so many bangers from the best era cats that it was always a no brainer to get it.

Peep the pic if you think i’m just saying this shit to say it

Needless to say to be on this mixtape is an HONOR. Not to get on some mystical type shit but the fact J-Love is from Queens is also fitting cause the first time i heard hip hop in my life was Run-Dmc so thats a dope connection right there.

Major shout out to M-Credible for putting me on to this. Hearing J-Love shout me out on the production tip is the type of shit i’m gonna tell my grand kids about. I produced 6 tracks ( the intro, all the interludes, “Thats Hip hop” By The Regiment & “The book of 7 fists” by Heavenly Cartel ) and hearing the final mix of everything with the shout outs ranks up there with getting the best piece of nookie i ever had. CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY. Apart from the fact i’m on it the tape is ILL as well. A lot of gutter cats on this joint throwing titanium darts on it. Plus got some production bangers by the homies M-crdible, Nick wiz ( i still got cella dwellas on bump ), Confidence, Purpose from Tragic Allies ( these dudes are the TRUTH ) and others as well. 100% banging Hip hop no contaminents.

Download the mixtape here

Keb0 “Drifting” video

Yo the homie keb0 came thru with the STOOOOPID ILL video for the song “Drifting”. This is a song off the new EP were working on ( which by far is our BEST collab ever ) When i made this beat i felt it was mad dope already but it wasnt my favorite beat from the EP ( wait till you hear the rest of the joints i gave him ) but when homie blazed the rhyme and hook over it i was floored. No…………………….i mean FLOORED. He killed it so much it became one of our favorites after that. Seeing the video for the first time really hit me like wow cause it came together with the vibe of the song so flawlessly and it makes me like the song even more. Shout out to the director Sam Mirpoorian for doing the damn thing.

The Regiment “That’s Hip Hop”

Detroit & MD connection = LIVE MUSIC. These cats KILLED this damn beat. One of my favorite joints i ever did. Off the new J Love hosted “On the Verge” mixtape. I knew that beat was crazy when i made it. A beat i make is just another beat to me cause i make so many and its usually when i hear the vocals on top that it really comes to life for me but there are always those one where i’m like WHOA. I loved the beat already but when i heard what THEY did over it i was blown away. They brought it to life only to kill it brutally. Everyone i played it for was going apeshit like “yo they went in like SWAT”.  Salute to the Regiment all day ( DJ Premier shouted them out crazy for a reason yall. Check out the album “The Panic Button” as well to see why )


Yep. It happened. The big IT. Razah, who i’ve been a fan of for mad YEARS. Ever since i heard him with Sunz of man. Got at me to work on a project with him. Yall know i was BUGGING. when i got that call from him. We worked on some music and the vibe was so funky it turned into an album. SPIRITUAL KUNG FU. Doing this album was a crazy experience cause i’m such a fan of Razah it was hard to really make anything i felt was worthy so i went though mad beat before i ended up with the ones that made the album. So far the people have been going APESHIT over the songs. Feeling real good about this.

Shout out to Razah for giving me that shot. We bout to hit the people with some heavy music for 2012 with that album.


NANIGAN “Been a long time coming”

New heat from the homie Nanigan. I known fam for YEARS and one thing i can say is that he’s a dude thats straight from the heart. When he feels something he keeps it a 100. He hit me about his feeling bout the Occupy movement and told me he wanted to lace a joint about it. I hooked up the beat and he KILLED it. Dropping some heavy gems along the way. Edutainment returns.

Plus here’s a dope pic of the homie with his TOKYO CIGAR t shirt.


The homie Cyclops just dropped the BANGING new mixtape “The Rap Scott Summers” ( inspired by a line i wrote on our song “Mine” off the first Plexiglass Fountain album )  We spazzed out and cooked up this joint. Him on the rhymes and me on the beats ( i rhyme on a couple of joints too ). This joint is like the companion piece to my “Operation: remix the remix” mixtape and is some heat that we put out to set up our next Plexiglass Fountain album ( which is INCREDIBLE i promise you )

Cyclops been always been the type of cat that shows growth with each project he drops. So even though i aint gotta say he stepped it up i’m gonna say it any damn way HE STEPPED IT UP. Delivery, flow, concepts everything is top notch on this joint.

Shout out to DJ Jay Skillz for hosting this joint.

Plus as a bonus. Here’s a mini doc that the homie was featured in talking about poetry. The song “exhaust” off the mixtape plays at the end.