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“Constant” Featuring Substantial and Tanya Denise


“Here we go yo, here we go yo” *Tribe & L.O.N.S. voices

Something to relax and vibe out to. A divine collaboration that cools out your summer and heats up your winter. Supreme thanks to Substantial and Tanya Denise who not only represented with excellent vocals but also for the visuals as well. Shout out to Garrett Lynam for filming Tanya’s parts out in Dublin. When i saw the footage it made me feel nostalgic, flashing back to my school days out there in Ireland. The response from anyone who heard the song has been overwhelming. Lay up and zone out to this one y’all. Peace

Tina Toner “The Apple” EP

press kit

Gravity Academy Records

My associates and I would like to inform you about the new movement.

Gravity Academy

Visit the website for new music, interviews and general epic events.

“Looking From within: 5 film narratives”

Denee reached out to me to get involved in this film project. We put together a nice piece of work with this. She had directed 3 of the films and I got my director on Nolan style for 1 of the films then we collaborated on the last one. I then went and got my maestro on with the music. We all fed off each other and everyone involved brought they A-game. Things went very smoothly with the shooting and post production. We spoke about the ideas we had and how to incorporate all the parts into one unified work.  The premiere was great too. People were clapping opera style and i heard the talk though the night was extra heavily positive. Still weird to see myself on the big screen though haha. Much love to Denee for getting me involved with this. It was a great experience all around.



Michael Jackson “Thriller” remix

Nanigan hit me off with the vocals to Thriller and asked me to remix it. Nothing too extraordinary about why i made this. I made 2 versions but the first one was kinda UGLY so i decided to keep it and use it for something else. I ended up hooking this one up quick fast and it felt just as good as the first version so it was a wrap. Just a lil something for Halloween.

“Here Now’ new single and video




Well here it is. My new single. One of those moments where i just made a beat that smacked me upside the head with a 4×4 and the lyrics just flowed out. I performed this at busboys and poets and the reaction really had me hyped up. The homie Rome told me i had to shoot a video for it so i got with the Dice academy and hollered at Denee Barr to help out with the camerawork and…………………………..bla dowwwwwww

Shout out to Depeche Mode and Anton Corbijn for the inspiration for the visuals. All my fellow DM fans should be able to see what i was going for with the video idea.