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Tokyo Cigar “The Other side of ILL” Illmatic tribute mixtape


For the 20th anniversary of Illmatic i decided to highlight Nas as well as the producers that made the album the masterpiece that it was. I gathered up different beats from Primo, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Q-Tip and L.E.S. and went bezerk real quick. I do so much production that i forgot how much fun it is to just catch wreck over a classic beat you grew up on. I sequenced their beats to match the tracklist on Illmatic and i also got Tone Blunt to fill in the Brooklyn guest spot role.
I also used lines from Illmatic to title the freestyle.

The second part of the tape is me remixing Illmatic era Nas. It was dope to zone out to the vocals and really appreciate how incredible he is as a lyricist.

This took about a week to hook up and i gotta say it was mad fun to put this together because it brought the fan out of me. I was in the middle of finishing up the project when the homie Slew hit me up and we started to build about why Nas is so dope and he was dropping so many fly stories i decide to tape it and put it throughout the second act.

Salute to Nas, AZ, Olu Dara, Primo, Pete, Extra P, L.E.S. and Tip for what they did. That album raised a whole generation of MC’s to sit down and really think before they put pen to paper and by extension birthed other classics in that already exceptional era.


2014 TedX Baltimore performance

One random day, i got a phone call to perform at TEDx Baltimore. Reeling from the fact that i was asked to participate in something I’ve watched for years i said yes and began worrying about the show till it happened. “What the F?” was the constant thought that popped in my head about it. TEDx had people that were making huge strides in society and i’m just a dude that is obsessed with music and loves to make it. I bumped into a friend at the store one day and he said he looked me up online and was amazed at everything i have done so far. The money that I’ve got from music never really registers to me cause it’s all about the love and any accolade I’ve received makes me feel good but i tend to always be stuck in the “Whats next to make” mind state. I felt like “damn i’m not a huge star so what can i say?”  As i saw the speakers lined up my sense of confusion grew exponentially, Harvard Graduates, Chess masters, business owners and……………me, crazy haha. Backstage i was a nervous wreck cause it was hard to read how this would go down. I performed “1995”, “I wonder ( remix )” and “Here Now” and the applause i heard after each song eased my nervousness. Post show my twitter blew up with people giving props and asking about the lyrics. The interview backstage really boosted the experience cause i make a lot of music but i rarely get to talk about it. This was a great experience and i hope to go back and actually speak at TEDx in the future. The dope thing is after i did it i saw that GZA, Combat jack and Comic Book Girl 19 did TEDx talks so it was dope to know that i at least have that in common with people i respect.


Here is the video of the performance 


Here’s the interview as well


Tokyo Cigar Rocks TEDx


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UntitledThere are many different ways to tell a story.

At the recent Tedx Baltimore, an inspiriational conference filled with leaders of all different backgrounds and works, some speakers seemed to relive their story as they spoke to the audience. But, artist and producer, Tokyo Cigar took a different approach.The artist, formerly known as Oraza Allam, chose to tell stories through his music.

His choice of songs, “I Wonder” and “Here Now,” touched on everything from his international childhood to growing up fatherless. As the last of 18 speakers, his method of personifying his life through lyrics left the audience on a good note.

“It went from a love to an unhealthy obsession,” said the artist while speaking about his craft. Influenced by a love of music and by rappers such as Nas, KRS-One, and Jay Z, Allam was once insecure about his rapping abilities. “I felt like I wasn’t smart enough to rap,” he said. But, after hearing Jay Z’s 1996 hit “Politics as Usual,” Allam knew rapping was something he had to do.

Growing up, Allam traveled frequently but it never impacted his creativity. In fact, it only influenced him more. “Moving around played a huge part in my education,” he explains. With Nigeria’s corporal punishment, Ireland’s more relaxed approach, and America’s grading system, Allam always felt disconnected from the educational system. After three years at Montgomery County Community College, music became his “main thing.”

“I always thought of Ireland as the place with leprechauns,” he says about his boarding school experience in Ireland. But, Ireland was nothing like he expected. He witnessed rallies and protests for Philadelphia political prisoner, Mumia Abu-Jamal. Though he expected some racist moments, Allum says “The Irish and black have a special kind of bond.”

With fifteen years in the music industry, Allam still gets star struck. He is currently working with Wu-Tang affiliate, Hell Razah, on a new album. “Wu-tang, to me, will always be the greatest group in hip-hop,” he said “[When Hell Razah called] I had to pinch myself.”Tokyo Cigar plans to release the mixtape he’s working on with Hell Razah, “Spiritual Kung-Fu” in the spring. “’Spiritual Kung-Fu’ is for anyone who’s ever been through anything,” he says. “If you’re fighting every day, you might as well learn Kung-Fu.” Though “Spiritual Kung-Fu” is his current focus, in thefuture, Tokyo Cigar plans to write a script for a movie, work on a solo album, go platinum and hopefully work with Jay Z.